Phil NwaforPhil Nwafor

Phil is a fashion-based lifestyle and travel photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. While he was born in the same city, he spent his formative years in Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean before returning to the US for college. At the University of Wisconsin – Madison, he trained to be a Computer Engineer, and after a couple of advanced degrees has settled into a career that specializes in Technology Strategy and Innovation in the Healthcare space. Despite his transient nature in his earlier life, he was always able to hold as a constant a rapidly growing hobby of pencil art as a means of visually capturing emotion. Eventually, he was drawn to the medium of photography as it served as an alternate vehicle for expression while still allowing for the ability to incorporate subtleties that make an image memorable. The idea of excluding content from a frame to draw attention to the story, became an intriguing endeavor.

The art of photography quickly became a passion more than a decade ago, and today it comprises an irreplaceable buy tadalafil in usa creative outlet in his otherwise calculated corporate life. He gravitated toward making images of people at their most powerful or vulnerable. He uses a contemporary capture style that serves as a means to “paint” with his camera his interpretation of a scene, a person, or an emotion. These captures shared on social media led to published work and commissions to shoot fashion spreads for local boutiques, designers, and fashion outlets.

When the opportunity was presented to be involved in this project, the passion exhibited by Lisa would have sealed the deal alone; however, the concept of marrying his two great loves – photography and poetry – proved to be too intriguing to pass up. The subjects, their stories, and his fit in this project caused him to fall in love with the overall concept, and he is honored to have been a part of the team. To view other emotional and powerful photographs taken with Phil’s artistic eye, feel free to check-out his website: